It sure is April! A note from Mr. and Mrs. Cat

Hello, friends!

It’s been two months and approximately 84 years since my last post. I don’t need to summarize The Situation—we’re all in it together, and I am so glad you’re here.

Publishing, like the rest of the world, is going to be slow going for the foreseeable future, but things are still happening. I’ve felt pretty frozen on the writing front lately, and I know I’m not alone in that! But I’m steadily clawing my way toward a new normal. I sent that novel draft to my agent, for one thing. 🎉 Wheeee! 🎉 And this week, I yeeted a few short story submissions into the void. Fingers crossed!

Here are my NEW THINGS. Skip to the bottom for toy cat pictures.


I have a novelette out in the Spring 2020 issue of Deep Magic! In “Mama Cascade,” a young woman trains with her river goddess mother to fend off the colonial invaders attempting to map her homeland. The issue is available on Amazon.


Over at ye olde blorg, I posted about staying connected while self-isolating. The transition hasn’t been as hard on me as on some of my friends, and I realized it was because I accidentally went 90% isolation a couple of years ago and have already been through some of this psychologically. The situations are very different, but a lot of the coping mechanisms overlap. I hope some of it strikes a chord. Please know, whether you are home alone, home with roommates, or still going in to an essential workplace: it’s all stressful in different ways, and you’re not alone.


I might have cracked a little this month. I needed a hobby to take me away from the news cycle, and I needed something new to entertain my children, and I had my sewing machine out already because I was making masks, and I had all these tiny scraps of fabric left over, and, and…

Aaaand I created a Twitter account for Mr. and Mrs. Cat. They are currently doing the very best they can under the circumstances at @SamtasticCats. If you need something gentle to break up your timeline, Mr. and Mrs. Cat will be spending their days indulging their favorite hobbies: board games, gardening, quiet evenings on the couch…and cosplay. Yep, they are about to get very bored at home and bust out their own tiny sewing machine.


Mr. and Mrs. Cat enjoy a game of checkers in the garden.


Mr. and Mrs. Cat do the #GettyMuseumChallenge.


Mrs. Cat is Harley Quinn!


Next time on Samtastic News:

Oh gosh, who the hell knows!! Stay safe out there.