Everything's on fire but I have an Uncanny story. And cats! :D

Hello, friends!

In this edition of Samtastic News, we have: a new story! an update from the land of fire and brimstone (aka the western US)! and cats!


If you somehow missed me pterodactyl screeching my way from one end of the internet to the other, I have a story out in the latest issue of Uncanny Magazine! “Anchorage” is about a messy space family stopping to visit a drifting library and the anchoress walled up within it, told by a very unconventional narrator. It is a bit of a departure from my mini epic fantasies and I had a ton of fun with language and the point-of-view character. I’m thrilled it found such a good home!

Available for free online.


So I glanced out the window last weekend and saw this:

Huge plume of smoke visible against blue sky over a set of scrubby hills

The sky has not been blue again since. We are under a constant haze, though the smoke has been blowing away from us the entire time, so the actual air quality around our house hasn’t tanked. And you know it’s been a weird year when the countryside around you catches fire, and you think, “Well at least ours was caused by a tractor and not a gender reveal party.”

It’s been a weird year, is what I’m saying! I have reached a state of stress plateau in which I am now taking everything in stride like it’s no big deal. I packed everyone in the house some clothes, toiletries, vital records, and irreplaceable keepsakes, just in case. Then I settled down to watch MST3K with my husband so we could have a few laughs while waiting for an evacuation order that (thank goodness!!!) never came. We are good, we are fine. I have nearly let my guard down enough to unpack our stuff.

And hey, I got this sweet bloody moon photo out of it!

A blood red moon surrounded by black sky

Cats cats cats cats CATS CATS CATS 😻

The babies have completely settled in! They have even won over the crankiest holdout, our 20 pound, 11-year-old tabby cat Professor Stormfury.


Next time on Samtastic News:

I haven’t gotten a lot of new writing done amidst the… *waves hand at everything.* But I’ve been reading a lot, and will put together a big set of reading recommendations soon. Some have gone up on Twitter under the hashtag #samtasticreads, but I’ll gather up some highlights on the blog as well.

Till then! <3